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Come and participate as a volunteer in the construction of a classroom, where the Geancarlo Obregon library will be located in Marara Mission, in Mozambique.

The library will serve students at Marara Secondary School. In addition to contributing to the implementation of the library, we will have the opportunity to experience African culture in situ, living directly with the natives, in three different scenarios: cultural immersion, volunteering and the memories that remain =)

Cultural immersion

Before volunteering

We will stay in one of the houses at Marara Mission for 4 days, the house has bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and water.


During the 4 days in Marara we will alternate between volunteer work in the construction of the library, a free tour of Marara, integration with nature, spirituality and history.


However, before arriving at Marara Mission we will pass through Nhatambala and at the end of the journey we will stay in the city of Tete.

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Rural community located 40 minutes from Tete

Before arriving at Marara Mission, we will stay for 3 days in Nhatambala, on the banks of the Zambezi River.


The local language is Portuguese and Nhumgue.


Currently, 115 people live in the community, adults and children, the houses are made of wattle and daub and masonry, there are no paved streets or running water,  the population has the habit of sleeping on mats outside their homes, due to the intense heat, and houses without ventilation.


The food is prepared on a single-burner stove using coal as fuel, and the basis of the food is xima, a porridge made from white corn flour.


In Nhatambala we can hear the sound of the hippos that inhabit the Zambezi River, dance with young people from the community and learn that movement comes from within in a spontaneous and fun way.  Hear stories of African culture such as the magical crocodile, and finally experience African culture in situ.


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Tourist hotspots

At the end of our journey, after 4 days in Marara Mission, we will return to the city of Tete and stay for 3 days in the homes of natives of the city.


In addition to seeing tourist attractions and local crafts, using the txopela (motorized tricycle with cabin for transporting passengers, with capacity for 4 people including the driver) as a means of transport.


We will be promoting informal tourism in the city, generating income for host families, which offers us, in addition to accommodation, bathroom, mata bicho (breakfast), lunch and dinner, the opportunity to live with these people whose trademark is their smile,  despite the difficulties.


Tete is a province in the central region of Mozambique.


Its capital, also called Tete, is located approximately 1570 km north of the city of Maputo, the country's capital, with a population of 2,764,168 inhabitants in 2007.

Volunteering itself



Julho de 2024 do dia 01 ao 12

Arrival in Nhatambala

Cultural immersion

Day 4: Arrival, get to know the location, welcome dinner, agree on rules of conduct

Day 5: Making African masks, cooking with your breasts, conversation at night (storytelling)

Day 6: Cultural dance workshop, evening conversation (storytelling)

Day 7: Departure to Marara Mission


Get to know the location, learn about the history of Marara Mission!


Helping those in need

Day 8: Construction of the library

Day 9: Construction of the library, free time in the community

Day 10: Free day, waterfall bath 

Day 11: Construction of the library, farewell dinner

Day 12: Return to Tete

Lunch with the host family, learn about the small business project!

Last days

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R$ 4000.00
Considering 11 days, including:

- Transfer from the airport to Nhantambala;

- Stay at the house in Nhantambala with mata bicho (breakfast), lunch and dinner;

- Material for making African masks;

- Transport from Nhantambala to Marara;

- Accommodation at the house in Marara with mata bicho, lunch and dinner;

- Building material for the library;

- Transport from Marara to the city of Tete;

- Accommodation in Tete with wildlife, lunch and dinner;

- Tour in Txopela;

- Transfer to the airport;

What is not included:

- Airfare;

- Travel insurance;

- Visa;

- Extra expenses with food, tourism, internet and others;

Payment methods

In up to 12 installments (interest-free) via bank transfer, bank slip or PIX, up to the date of travel.


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