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Marara Mission

The Marara Mission began with Jesuit priests. In an area of  500 hectares, part of this land was donated by them for the population to build their houses. The town grew within the Mission lands!


Nowadays, those who manage the Marara Mission are the Oblate priests of São José, managing the parish, the full-time school (1,250 students, from seventh grade to second grade) and  a boarding school (with 109 young people, including girls and boys).

Also within the mission is the sisters' house, a small school coordinated by them that serves children aged 3 to 5, a hospital and the parish.

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Tete District

Marara is a district in the province of Tete, in Mozambique. Founded in 1947, by Jesuit missionaries on the banks of the Marara River, located 60 km from the city of Tete.

  • The economy is based on subsistence agriculture, cattle and goat farming.

  • The local currency is the Metical.

  • Machuera is a typical dish of Mozambican cuisine, a porridge made with sorghum flour, water, salt and oil. It is usually accompanied by curry which can be a type of cooked vegetable, or cooked meat.

  • According to the 2007 census, the district had a population of 75,824 inhabitants.

  • The region's climate is humid and tropical with dry seasons from May to September.

  • Despite being a destination that can be visited any month of the year, the best time is in the dry season, between May and September, with temperatures varying between 18 and 20 degrees.

  • The language is Portuguese, English and two local languages.

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